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Σε κατάσταση πανικού ο Κεντρικός τραπεζίτης της Πορτογαλίας.

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Σε κατάσταση πανικού ο Κεντρικός τραπεζίτης της Πορτογαλίας.

Δημοσίευση από Αναρχοφιλελεύθερος Την / Το Τρι 26 Ιαν 2016, 15:46

Ο Διοικητής της Τραπέζης της Πορτογαλίας, εξέφρασε την βαθιά ανησυχία του για την ανυπαρξία του Ευρωπαϊκού Ταμείου Εγγύησης Καταθέσεων. Τα προβλήματα του τραπεζικού συστήματος της Πορτογαλίας αποτελούν σταγόνα στον ωκεανό σε σχέση με ότι συμβαίνει στην Ελλάδα.
Το δημοσίευμα του reuters:

ECB's Costa says progress on banking union needed urgently

Jan 25 Bank of Portugal Governor Carlos Costa urged the EU on Monday to rapidly beef up the European bank resolution fund for winding up failed banks and resolve the "schizophrenia" between the responsibilities of European and national authorities.

Under the European Union's banking union project, all large euro zone banks are now under a single supervisor, the European Central Bank, and a common method of dealing with troubled banks has been put in place, including a joint fund, paid into by banks themselves, to cover the costs.

"It (the banking union) is semi constructed and has to be adapted to the conditions that will work...the (resolution fund) needs to be duly funded," Costa said in a speech.

In October, European Union leaders abandoned plans to complete the banking union with a joint EU deposit guarantee scheme after Germany opposed the move, unhappy that money intended to safeguard German savers' deposits could be used to rescue savers elsewhere.

"As there is no European mechanism to guarantee deposits, the decisions by the European resolution authority have national consequences and national authorities have to deal with the consequences," Costa said.

"We need to rapidly evolve in this area as the schizophrenia between who decides and who pays is creating enormous difficulty in the functioning of the banking union," said Costa, who is also a governing council member of the ECB.

Portugal became one of the first countries in the Euro zone to use a bank resolution fund when it rescued Banco Espirito Santo in the middle of 2014. (Reporting By Sergio Goncalves, writing by Axel Bugge; Editing by Toby Chopra)


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